Health Conditions That Cause Mouth Odor

Have you wondered why you still have bad breath even if you’ve brushed and flossed regularly? You probably have a health condition that causes your mouth stink. Here are some of these maladies.

Do you have tonsil stones? Made of hardened bacteria, these stones appears as small white clusters that are trapped in the tonsils or at the back of the tongue. In addition to bacteria, tonsil stones may consist of dead cells in the mouth, mucus and food debris. While tonsil stones are generally harmless, they cause that distinct foul smell. Often wedged deep at the back of the mouth, they will eventually dislodge on their own. But if you feel uncomfortable about having them, you can get rid of them at a faster rate by gargling with saltwater.

Ulcers are another common condition that is closely associated with bad breath. However, the gastrointestinal disorder is not the main reason why you have a stinky smell in your mouth. Rather, blame it on the bacteria – H. pylori. If you want to eliminate the foul odor, you might want to focus on getting rid of the bacteria first.

Just like ulcers, heartburn or acid reflux is another digestive disorder that is closely linked with a foul smell in the mouth. But in this case, the stinky smell comes from food and acid that come back up. In some cases, the stomach acid causes irritation in the respiratory tract, which results in postnasal drip.

Speaking of respiratory tract, having a common cold may also mean bad breath. The bacteria in the tract triggers the foul smell as they feed on the mucus.

Do you have a cracked tooth? Food particles lodged in the cracked tooth attract oral bacteria. Without proper hygiene, this allows the bacteria to breed, leading to bad breath. Over time, poor oral hygiene may result in gum disease and dental cavities.



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